Frequently Asked Questions

I am a retailer interested in selling your products. Who is your distributor?

Please send us an email at sales@zazu-kids.nl and we will have our country distributor contact you shortly.

Where can I purchase ZAZU products?

Our products are sold worldwide at various retail stores and online retailers. Please visit our where to buy page to find a store near you.

What is your warrantee or satisfaction guarantee?

ZAZU wants you to be satisfied! If you have any questions or concerns about one of our products, please contact us right away by sending us an email.

I would like to feature ZAZU or ZAZU products in our (online) magazine. Who should I contact?

That’s wonderful. Please send us an email at info@zazu-kids.nl with your name and company details and we will contact you shortly.

Where is ZAZU located?

ZAZU is located in the Netherlands and Hong Kong.

In short how do I operate SAM?

See updated manual on the right side of this page. This manual explains very clear an simple how SAM works

How do I close SAM's eyes in the evening?

Once you have set the time SAM has to open his eyes, you close the eyes of SAM manually every time your child goes to bed. This way he/she can always see that SAM really goes to sleep.

There are two ways to close SAM’s eyes. Either you go over the menu of setting the time for wake-up, with or without alarm, when you press OK at the end of the menu SAM will go to sleep.

If you already set the time for wake-up you do not need to go over this menu again. You simply unlock SAM’s keylock by pressing UP and OK and then press DOWN for 3 seconds. Sam will then go straight to sleep with the preset wake-up time.

Can I switch off the green screen, half an hour before wake-up?

It is not possible to switch off or change the time it turns on. The time is fixed at 30 minutes. If you child is still sleeping, the green light will not wake him/her up. But if he/she does wake up, she knows straight away that it is not much longer by seeing the green screen.

If the power is turned off , does the sleeptrainer remember its settings?

When the power shuts off, the sleep trainer will not remember its settings unless batteries are inserted. We therefore advise to insert the batteries as back up in case power shuts off.

How can I stop my child from playing with buttons and changing the settings?

The clock will enter key lock mode automatically after 15 seconds. After activating the sleeptimer/wake-up time the key-lock is activated straight away, so that the settings cannot be changed anymore. This can also be done manually by pressing up and OK button at the same time.

Can I separate the wake-up time from the alarm time?

Yes, when setting the naptime or wake-up time, you can separately set the alarm. So you can set the sound alarm at a later time than the opening of the eyes.

How can I see if the clock is key-locked?

In the top of the LCD screen the key-lock symbol will appear when it is activated.

How do I know if my clock is activated?

In the top of the LCD screens the activated icons will show. So either the naptime or the wake up time icon, and optionally the alarm time icon.

What if SAM is just not listening at all?

Try resetting SAM by pushing the button on the bottom of the clock.This will usually make hime listen.

Sometimes the buttons do not react when I press them. What is wrong?

Probably key lock has been activated. To unlock press UP & OK at the same time for 1 sec. Note: Key-lock is activated automatically after the buttons have not been touched for 15 seconds. This to prevent the setting to accidentally be changed.

If I do not want the alarm to sound, do I need to change the volume in settings menu?

No, that is not necessary. When activating the clock, you choose if you want to switch alarm ON or OFF.

Is there a demo function to show my child the working of Sam?

Yes there is demo function in the settings menu. This demo will go through the entire bedtime ritual in around 20 seconds.

How long can I use the sleeptrainer when using batteries?

When using batteries, make sure you are using good alkaline batteries. Also we advise you to limit the nightlight to 5 minutes and select lowest brightness in the settings menu. Only then batteries will last around 4 weeks with normal use. With other settings the battery life will be decreased significantly.

How do I switch on the sound module?

You can turn on the sound module by switching the ON/OFF button to ON.

Which melodies can DEX play?

The plush animals can play heartbeat sound, waterfall sound and 4 calming melodies.

Can you adjust the volume of the melodies?

Yes you can, you can adjust the volume yourself by rotating the volume wheel on the side of the sound module.

After how many minutes will the sound turn off?

The sound turns off automatically after 10 minutes.

Do I have to activate the sound sensor myself?

No that’s not necessary, the sound sensor is always ON, unless the sound module is completely turned OFF.

When will the sound sensor be activated?

The sound sensor will be activated at 80 decibels. That means the plush animal should be no farther away from your baby than 80 centimetres to pick up any sound.

Do I have to activate the movement sensor myself?

No the movement sensor is activated at all times, unless the sound module is switched to OFF.

Is DEX washable?

The plush is washable in the machine, but remove the heartbeat module beforehand.

How can I turn on the lights?

On the front of the nightlight you can find a big button. When you press this button, both the light of the owl and the ring will turn ON. By pressing the OWL button, on the left side of the little owl, only the light of the owl will turn ON. When you press the RING button, on the right side of the little owl, only the light of the RING will turn ON.

How can I activate the timer?

You can turn on the timer function of the little owl by pressing the OWL button for 2 seconds. The owl will flicker when the timer is activated. The timer function of the ring can be turned on by pressing the RING button for 2 seconds. Again, the light of the ring will flicker when the timer is activated.

How long will the lights stay on when the timer is activated?

The owl will turn off after 60 minutes and the ring will turn off after 30 minutes.

How can I adjust the brightness of the lights?

You can find two sliders on the back of LOU. By sliding them back and forth you can seperately adjust the brightness of the owl and the ring.

How does the sound sensor work?

On the back of LOU there’s a switch with a small ear. Put the switch on ON to activate the sound sensor and switch it to OFF to turn the sound sensor off.

How long will the owl stay on when the sound sensor is activated?

When your child is crying the owl will stay on for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes the light will automatically switch off.

How can I turn on the lights?

With the ON/OFF button. Press 1 x, soft light. Press 2 x bright light. Press 3 x OFF.

After how many minutes does the light turn OFF?

The lights will automatically switch off after 60 minutes.

How do I know my FIN is charging?

When FIN is charging a small red light will light up. When FIN is fully charged this light will turn green.

How long does it take before FIN is fully charged?

The battery is fully charged after 10 hours.

What is the battery life of FIN?

A full battery will have a life of around 10 hours.