Pam the sleeptrainer – support your toddler’s bedtime routine


By Marijke, child sleep consultant at Bureau van Slaap

Toddler puberty

Bedtime struggles, no naps during the day, refusing to eat and brush their teeth and last but not least, waking up suuuuper early! Can you relate? 

On a daily basis I receive inquiries from parents if I could help them with their toddler’s bedtime routine. More about this, below!
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Suzy the portable baby soother – does white noise help babies to sleep?


By Laura van Heuven, mum of 3 and founder of Mommoiselle

Inconsistent sleep rhythm

By the time Phoebe finally falls asleep, she wakes up around 45 minutes later and it’s very difficult to get her back to sleep again. I wondered if white noise could be the answer, so we tried out ZAZU’s Suzy, a portable baby soother.

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Sam the lamb – sleeptrainer and telling the time


By Ester Depret, mum of two and blogger

Telling the time

One of the topics we focused on during pre-school was telling the time. It was on Jules’ to-do list but Alixe seemed to be keen as well. The moment they were able to tell the time, they wanted to control it too. As a result, my five-year-old daughter did not hesitate to point out that 12.30 pm is lunch time. Clearly, she has her priorities straight! Read more “Sam the lamb – sleeptrainer and telling the time”

Cody the crab – projector with moving waves and swimming fish


By Joyce, mother, primary school teacher and guest blogger at Mama Scrapelle

Falling asleep faster with Cody the crab, an ocean projector

There are kids who have trouble falling asleep. There are also kids who wake up quite often. Especially for babies and younger children such nights without enough sleep could be terrible. ZAZU’s Cody the crab might come to the rescue! At least this ocean projector helped my daughter (a two-year old) who usually wakes up quite a lot during the night. And Cody also helped my friend Ellen’s daughter who tends to lie awake for mostly 30 minutes before falling asleep.

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Sam the lamb – why and how to introduce a sleeptrainer


By Nathalie Schittekatte, certified sleepcoach for children at Snuggles and Dreams

Why I write this blog


“As pediatric sleep coach I often recommend products that improve your little one’s sleep. For example, a proper sleeping bag, baby monitor or white noise machine. When I am helping parents with a toddler one of my go-to suggestions is a sleeptrainer. But what is a sleeptrainer?” 

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Liz the lamb – The solution for falling asleep and sleeping on?


By Aukeline van Dorp from www.

Difficulty falling asleep and sleeping on

Many babies have difficulty falling and staying asleep. That makes sense because suddenly they are no longer safe in the womb and they have to get used to their life on earth. The ZAZU heartbeat soft toys could help babies with this. Aukeline, an editor of, tested it with her newborn daughter Livia.

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Does your little one have nightmares?


By Tiny Sleepyhead


Children’s imagination blossoms between 2-4 years old. At the same time, you can notice that your little one’s vocabulary is getting richer and he/she can describe his/her fears more accurately. Nightmares help your child processing fears, stress or anything upsetting that happened during the day. But what to do when your child is afraid of the dark or has nightmares?

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Sleeptrainer – sleeping kids with Sam the Lamb


By Mama van Dijk


Vacation! Well, let’s hope so. It means a couple of weeks off from nursery, no grandparents that could watch over the little one and no more fixed working days for me. It sounds relaxing to have no obligations for a while, but could I get the desired extra sleep I need as well? Perhaps ZAZU’s Sam the Lamb could help me! 

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Are there monsters under the bed?

By Clare Fahey, Paediatric Sleep Consultant


If you have a child aged 2-5 years you will know that during this time frame their imagination kicks into overdrive. This is what makes dinosaur hunts, camping under the dining table, and fishing with a twig so much fun. It is also unfortunately the reason why nightmares become so prevalent during this time.
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Sleep tips for your baby during the holidays

By Tiny Sleepyhead


As a Sleep Consultant, I get loads and loads of questions about sleep tips during the holidays. What shall we do at bedtime? What shall we bring with us? Shall we keep to our daily schedule? Can we skip naps? My response is always be prepared in advance and you will avoid sleep troubles. So, grab a pen and paper and let’s get ready for the holiday!
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Don the Donkey – my solution to unsettled babies


By Clare Fahey

Soft toy that soothes your baby

Have you ever wished that your musical soft toy would turn itself on when your baby is unsettled in the middle of the night? There is one that will do just that… Don the Donkey reacts to sound and will come back on for 10 minutes with a baby’s cries.
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Does your child get up at the crack of dawn?

By Clare Fahey

Lots of the families that I have worked with have had problems with their children waking up super early. This is a common problem and stems from being overtired. One way to combat this is an earlier bedtime. Another way of tackling it especially with toddlers or slightly older children is by using a toddler clock. A toddler clock is a clock that uses a picture or coloured lights to signal to the child that it is morning. This means that they know when they are allowed to get up because of the colour of the light that is showing.
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Sound machines help babies fall asleep in half the time, at home as well as on-the-go.

For young babies it can be difficult to fall asleep by themselves. For nine months all they hear is their mother’s heartbeat, voice and blood flow, which can be compared with the sound of a vacuum cleaner. Once born and in their own bed, without the comfort of a parent, completely silent or full of strange noises, in  a dark room, the world is completely different for a newborn. A sound machine can then be a big help falling asleep.
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Heartbeat sound helps baby’s to fall asleep

Research shows (Spencer, Moran, Lee & Talbert, 1990) that newborn baby’s who hear white noise fall asleep more easily (80% within 5 minutes) than baby’s who do not hear white noise (25% within 5 minutes). In addition to white noise, heartbeat sound takes stress away from baby’s, which causes them to calm down and sleep better.
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